Monday, July 27, 2015

Write a Million Words

7. White - page waiting to be filled with #btsbtw words. #fmsphotoaday

If I write here everyday this will become fiction*

I need to write, I want to write but balance has never been anything I was good at.  

To make a habit one must start and fail again and again.

So I get up and I write. Five minutes before heading back to the grind.

I will write the words
on the page
over and over
until I have a million words
and then I will write a million more.

Until I know what’s in my head,
my heart,
and I can find my way,
through the everyday.

I will write,
until it becomes

I will write to feel,
to understand,
to be.

Not for a platform
but just for me

Five minutes a day is all it will take
to help me become awake.

To find the me that’s under the fog.
The me I have missed for so long.

*Elizabeth Benedict, Real Simple, August 2015, and the inspiration to begin to write...again, for me.

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