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Welcome to the sticky side of motherhood.

I'm a mom to 3 kids and 2 angels and am expecting my fourth (and final!) in March of 2013. 

I once lived in heels and dreamed of traveling the world, now I live in my minivan and dreams of a clean kitchen. I left the city for the suburbs and frequently finds myself lost, usually in the black hole that the suburbs refer to as sub-divisions. I created Little Lake County, to help parents find out what’s going on and where to go, but I still can’t find the Peanut Butter at her super-sized Target.

Stick around a while, pull up a chair and lets chat!

I'll help you get started:

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I have been featured on Mamapedia Voices, those posts are here

I also wrote for Chicago Mom's Blog, you can find my posts here

I occasionally write for Technorati

I was published in the charity book, From the Heart

I was in the 2012 cast of Listen to Your Mother. You can watch the show on YouTube.

Oh and if  you made it this far you are probably wondering about that name? Peanut Butter in My Hair? When my daughter was starting solids, everything went in her hair, and she was born with a lot of hair! One of the hardest things to get out would be peanut butter, and everything else she did or ate that day would get stuck in it. I joked that she was just like me with all sorts of things getting stuck in her hair,  if hair was a metaphor for my brain where all sorts of stuff gets stuck. Hubby said, hmmm, Peanut Butter in my Hair, sounds like a name for one of those mommy blogs, and the rest is in the archives!

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