Dress Like a Girl


Are you in a fashion rut? Stuck in the same old routine of jeans and a t-shirt, yoga pants, yoga pants, yoga pants? I am (was) and I want to do something about it. 
Style is not about money. It's about making a conscious decision to present yourself to the world in particular manner. Does my style say my kids have taken over my life and I haven't had sex in decades? Or does it say I'm fabulous...
Laura Bennett, Didn't I feed you Yesterday 
My style? It says I dress three other people before me and just throw on whatever is closest and fits before running out the door. That is how Dress Like a Girl was born. To encourage me and you to take the time to focus on us and take a little pride in how we look.

Each month we will announce a new challenge the first week of the month. Over the next four weeks you can join in by doing a post, posting a photo to the Peanut Butter in my Hair Facebook Page, or the Dress Like a Girl Flickr Group. Than come back here and link up. The link up will remain open all month. 

November Challenge: Ban the Bun! Ditch the Pony!

Link up Rules:
Please Remember:
- Please link to your post or photo on Flickr not your main blog
- If you post please include our button or a link back to this post
- Try to visit the person who linked before you and tell them how cute they are!

Past Challenges:
October: Rock Fall!
September: In the Bedroom
August: Flirty Skirt

Are you a fashion or beauty company or Etsy shop that would like to sponsor a month of the Dress Like a Girl Challenge? Sponsorship would include having a giveaway. Please email Melissa t PBinmyHair {at} gmail dot {com}

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